Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where to begin...whoa, this has been a wonderful programme. I've learned so much and it's been great discussing various things along the way with other library staff. I have even had discussions with other UCOL staff who started 23 things after HR session. It's a crack-up when you find yourself discussing blogs, widgets, skype, del.icio.us, library thing and the rest with other staff outside of the Library.

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey? Oh, there was so much I discovered along the way I'm hesitant to pick favorites but here is a few thoughts - Firstly - simply creating this blog! Some of the (girly) bits associated with it - choosing the picture to use to represent myself, the look, the colour the background BUT I must admit I did find it a tad daunting making it "public"! Having got over the initial trepidation I have enjoyed reading other participants blogs and got a buzz when people read mine! I enjoyed playing with some of the "toys" and gadgets such as generating magazine covers. Skyping & IM is pretty cool! So clever & so easy!
How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
The program has boosted my lifelong learning goals - oh, we all know we need to keep current and aware but this program helped us get in amongst it! Already the library has or is implementing Web 2.0 initiatives so it is extremely important for us all to have the opportunity to know how & why these things are being done. My own lifelong goals have been affected for the good and I am planning on extending my knowledge in this area with participation in the Moodle@ UCOL project and working with lecturers to see how Web 2.0 can be incorporated in to teaching & learning.

Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
As I have stated throughout the programme - I have been stunned and amazed at the myriad of "stuff" out there. I know 23 things touches on a small amount of the greater collection of Web2.0. What amazes me most is the capability of Joe or Josephine Bloggs (excuse the pun) to devise this things! They must have wonderful imaginations!
What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
Umm.. can't say there is anything too much to alter - the only thing I found was the time. Maybe I'm just slow but the 9 week time frame is very tight! Some weeks took a lot of time to work on the discovery exercises.

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate?

YES PLEASE! Hand up high in the air!

I would like to thank Donna for all her work and patience and Doreen & the UCOL Library for providing the opportunity and encouragement to allow staff to discover the wonders of 23 things! Woohoo!

Audiobooks & FreeDigital content

Had a bit a a squiz round these - once again I am blown away by the huge range of stuff available. I could even download Borats bits!!! Mind boggles! You could spend your whole life investigating and learning and discovering... I think I am going to grieve when 23 things is finished!

Podcast, iTunes and the like...

This has been a challenge but a good positive one! I have been involved with podcasts through the Library series we did earlier and I have attended the HR session along with the TELSIG professional day so making them is not a problem... the challenge with this discovery exercise was locating a podcast to download associated RSS feed to my Netvibes BUT I sit here having survived the experience and found it quite exciting (Yes - I know sad life). I downloaded a very Library oriented podcast from SirsiDynix to iTunes. (It was 47mins long - only listened to first 8 minutes!)Plus added OpenStacks to Netvibes page! It amazes me the things people are doing out there. Librarians are doing all sorts of amazing and useful Web2.0 related projects. The standard issue Liaison Librarian pictured above has to keep her wits about her and finger on the pusle of Library 2.0! iTunes is cool, eh? I searched all sorts of things there.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

YouTube and Libraries

Can you see any features or components of the site that might be interesting if they were applied to library websites? This is a perplexing question as the immediate response is to say YES but then I began to wonder if libraries, businesses, advertisers etc. start infiltrating YouTube then won't the "younger" ones find some where else to go? So maybe to have an effect/presence on YouTube you have to do something quirky or radical or find a way to get a "library" message across in an amusing way. One way is to show how librarians are not like the "stereotypical" type many people think we are! Show some of the technologies libraries are utilising. 23 things is helping many librarians! 23 things rocks!

Benalla - A musical tribute


Even though I had mentioned YouTube and NZ YouTube in my earlier post I hadn't spent a huge amount of time looking at it until week 9 of 23 Things! I have searched all sorts of topics from schauzers, New York, Melbourne, Scotland, Tasmania, Cycling through to Benalla - dear ol' Benalla was the place I grew up in. I was born in Melbourne but my family moved to benalla when I was 4 so it could be said "my formative years" were spent in Benalla. I left to go to university when I was 18. Many of my childhood friends still live there or in towns not too far away! When I searched Benalla on YouTube I was surprised at the number of results. One that took my fancy was Hamish and Andy's (Australian radio and Rove fame) musical tribute. Makes me a lil' homesick!:) A lil' bit more trivia - A a kid I had a cocker spaniel named Ben and now my schnauzer is named alla - Put the 2 names together and what do you get!?

Web 2.0 awards - Yelp

I just want to begin by saying - whoa! The list (even the short list) demonstrates the wide range of Web 2.0 things out there to be accessed! Never enough time in the day to investigate everything! I dabbled in the Widgets category looking at Flock then in the Video section the 2nd place holder (after You Tube) Daily Motion where I viewed a couple of interesting videos but I still think You Tube will remain the front runner. For a few years I have read things about Craigs List (Classifieds & Directories section)so I had a fossick about. I didn't like the way it was setup - a bit too bland. Even though it had Australia & NZ listed I didn't have much luck locating many entries for various things I searched so I suspect it is fairly US oriented. The one I spent a little bit more time looking at was Yelp. The title just fascinated me. It was 1st in the City Guides & Directories section. It was good to see how anyone and everyone had contributed to describing their city or a place they had visited. It includes ratings on restaurants, clubs, parks, shopping :), education, hotels etc. I thought it would be useful if you were travelling to the states and want some unbiased idea about places and services. I thought Marion might find it useful before she visits New York! The drawback once again is the US orientation. Oh, I know there is probably similar NZ related services but it is an annoying factor of the Internet/Google/etc. It was good to see recently the launch of YouTube NZ. Could you see any applications for its use in a library setting? Not necessarily but if there was a similar NZ service then UCOL could make sure it was listed under educational and also the library could make sure it was listed under Libraries and Museums and the like!